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Eurogateway has built over time its technology sector, making targeted investments and being part of an information chain that today involves the largest railway operators in Italy and in Europe. The company acquired in 2007 under license system GOAL , then developed by HUPAC and CEMAT. A system that boasted 18 years of continuous development and that still represents one of the most effective means to rail traffic management. Over the years Eurogateway created its IT infrastructure, developing in collaboration with a software system WOLT (Web Oriented Logistic and Transport) for the management of operations Handling and optimization of the logistics chain. Today it still grows on the platform to achieve full automation of operations of the terminal. Eurogateway has a fibre optic connectivity and high performance of a disaster recovery system with all plenty systems of geographically separate areas. Today the technological development is still one of the priorities of the terminal, which sets the high quality of internal and external services.

CrossTec S.r.l. is the technology partner of Eurogateway. The company is controlled 85% by the Interporto of Novara today it attends and manages Technological aspects related to the management, operation and security of the Terminal. CrossTec provides high profile personnel and ensures a nearly constant presence for traffic monitoring EDI with other intermodal operators, providing tools for data transmission increasingly efficient.

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