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Offices and Terminal
Eurogateway has a modern structure, which contains all the necessary technology to ensure high quality services. The offices are close to the terminal and allow a visual inspection.

11/10/2017 - new targeted personal search ad
25/07/2016 - new internal governance appointed
12/11/2015 - Online the new mail server HERE
30/09/2015 - a new code of conduct and job description has been published
29/08/2015 - the new OMM has been published
08/09/2015 - the new reserved area is active
02/07/2015 - published the direct telephone numbers
01/07/2015 - english version
08/06/2015 - mail form are functioning
21/01/2015 - Comes the new site Eurogateway


Eurogateway is certified CERTIFER. The certification has been achieved thanks to a meticulous work done in recent years by highly qualified personnel. Eurogateway has an office internal controls and ensure the proper application of the procedures and coordinates the audits of the certifying bodies

rates of shunting

Last version 2014
Download the document 

  • Terminal CIM 
  • Terminal Boschetto

Eurogateway is located inside the Interporto of Novara, at the exact point of meeting the traffic corridor ROTTERDAM-GENOA and NOVARA-KIEV
24 pairs of trains per day
5 operating gates
21 Short-stay parking spaces opposite the terminal
12 reach stakers pliers and twistlock
5 parking areas for average stop
7 antennas wifi coverage area terminal
3 maintenance workshops
Terminal CIM
  • 7 tracks
  • 170.000 Mq
  • 7 gate UTI
  • Mobile workshop
  • 2 workshop
  • 7 reach stakers
  • Video Surveillance
  • offices
  • dining room
  • toilet
  • Parking area

  • 7 tracks
  • 50.000 mq
  • 1 workshop
  • 5 reach stakers
  • Video Surveillance
  • offices
  • Parking area
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