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In 1995 the main Italian intermodal operator, the company CEMAT, and CIM SpA,a company formed by the will of Finpiemonte and the City of Novara to realize the new logistic center of Novara, they have founded Eurogateway Srl with the mission to manage the terminal, strategically located between the A4 highway, the A26 and the  urban railway junction. The other members of the team of reference , which Trenitalia , Hupac , Novatrans and TRW became part of the shareholding in the following years.
In 2003 Eurogateway also acquired the management of the historic terminal Boschetto, within the vast areas behind the urban railway station.
The first and the main terminal, the CIM, now boasts a total area of ​​about 170,000 square meters with 7 tracks long over than 600 meters intended to the activity of " handling," or rather Cargo handling rail-road and vice versa.
The second terminal, Boschetto, has an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters with 7 tracks.
The handling activity, is performed with 12 cranes type reach-stacker, operated by highly qualified personnel, and coordinated by an operating structure with a strong commercial and operational profession.
The management of the terminals get from the development of agreements with active rail operators in the context of European Intermodal. Eurogateway boasts long-standing partnerships with main collaborators(IFB, T3M, Kombiverkher, Schmidt Group, Lkw Walter, Move Intermodals, DFDS Logistics, CEMAT, Hupac ) and traffic that affects the terminal has indeed a strong international vocation to/from the most important logistics centers in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and the United Kingdom.
The terminals operated by Eurogateway represent therefore an essential hub for trade in goods import/export of some of the most productive and industrialized country (Piedmont-Lombardy- Liguria)and similar foreign situations are in proximity of European corridors Rotterdam-Genoa and Lisbon-Kiev.
Eurogateway also provides auxiliary services such as the complete management of shunting(outsourced for executive aspects to the Company Serfer), the maintenance of railway wagons, and the maintenance of UTI (Unit of intermodal transport).
In January 2014 Eurogateway acquired from RFI SpA the activities of shunting, as Unique Manager, which has led to the completion of the offering of services relating to “last best rail" and completed the synergy between the various processes of the terminal activity.
As for the activities relating to intermodal traffic the customers are represented by the operators that link supply and demand for the combined traffic, to the activities of shunting, necessary to move the trains inside/outside the terminal and therefore grows inside to the perimeter of the airport in Novara, the customers are railway enterprises that perform the traction on international routes between the various logistics centers ( Trenitalia, SBB, CrossRail, Captrain).
Eurogateway also has a mobile workshop to carry out the maintenance of the wagons on the tracks during the technical stops. The Customers AEE, IFB, Touax and CEMAT are owners of the wagons.
It follows a highly operational e commercial complexity to coordinate and meet the needs of various stakeholders in a logistic sector, where the flexibility and timeliness are basic for the compliance with existing agreements.
Eurogateway manages about 170 trains weekly on two terminals and nearly 6.500 shuntings a year, it, together with an increasingly large contribution given by auxiliary services and shunting activities, has allowed to reach a total turnover of about 10 M €.
The movement on the rail formality of this impressive number of loading units over long distances has also helped to reduce emissions of CO2 released into the atmosphere and to break down the social costs associated with the handling of goods with other ways of transport.
From 2013 Eurogateway is certified for the maintenance activity on the wagons as "Supplier of maintenance services", according to the European Regulation n. 445 of 2011 , and participates actively in the international project of marking Intermodal Transport Units in accordance with the EN13044 standard, adopted by the Union of Combined Road - Rail Transport Companies.
Eurogateway has indeed aimed to strengthen its "management system" with the development of traffics; Since 2009 the company is certified according to ISO 9001 for the entire perimeter of its activities. In accordance with the latest European policies it has increased the focus on environmental issues and health and safety at work: Eurogateway is now also certified according to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.
Since August 2006, the Company has developed, together with other partners, its solutions for the management of terminal operations. In particular , the entire production runs through the applications that help to manage the information regarding the entry, stop and loading of UTI. The Company is studying further technological developments aimed to optimize the production process and work organization.
Today Eurogateway counts 62 employees; 30% are under 35 years and the Company has included in its staff ten young people since 2012, even in a general context of instability and uncertainty.
The activities included in the field of business operations are all, in particular of handling, "capital intensive" and require continuous investment on means and terminal, staff training and implementation of technological support; attention, and the constant supervision of such vital aspects for the Company allowed to pass and improve the years of deep economic crisis always ensuring, as far as possible, business continuity, development and strategic vision.
Eurogateway currently shows as President Dr. Monica Francoglio, directed by the shareholder CIM, and as A.D. Eng. Mario Grimaldi, indicated by CEMAT, the two historical founders of the Company.
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