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 Eurogateway has always been careful to observe strictly all the standards for environmental protection and sustainability of the work. The company equips and replaces checks all devices to ensure a healthy environment and pollution. The prerogative of the company is to keep the high quality of processing safeguarding the nature and health of workers.

The safety of the worker is a key for Eurogateway. The company has personal protective equipments that provide a continual maintenance and very strict controls and checks. Every worker is constantly informed for the use of these devices and trained through courses and sessions equipped by industry professionals.

Eurogateway has obtained the ISO CERTIFICATION for the quality of its procedures . It is very important for the main area of the intermodal to keep up with the quality standards . The provided services are constantly monitored , and an external audit program always ensures the efficiency.

Eurogateway has always adopted a code of conduct designed to ensure safety in the workplace and the correctness of the performance of internal and external procedures through the constant supervision. Policies that are drafted and disseminated within the company aim at protection of the quality of work and respect for the environment , in addition to the constant protection of the staff employed .
The company pays attention to all the aspects that characterize the workplace , the environment , the use of means and machineries and waste disposal . The staff is constantly subjected to fitness estimation, security checks and what is necessary to ensure a level of service always competitive. The Training is constant for each business sector and is inserted into the organization of work so as not to require specific changes to the shift workers and employees.
The target of Eurogateway Srl is to carry out the work required in the COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS OF CUSTOMERS SRM and as provided in Regulation (EU) Commission n. 445 of 2011.

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