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The first evidence of modal shift of full loads, in Italy, were started in the second half of the sixties by the railway companies belonging to UIRR.
Since 1965 Novatrans began to set the trains to and from France with transfers of traffic freights by UTI in Novara Terminal Boschetto. It was a real pioneering innovation. It may be recalled in this regard that the first terminal for maritime containers was inaugurated in Italy in Genoa in 1975.
In October 1973 Mario Ferretti the inspector of the commercial service of railway defined his idea of centres Intermodal integrated to maximize the effectiveness of the various modality of transport, centres that was called for the first time " Interporti ".
The CIM spa was born in 1987 and the company is founded in Novara and Finpiemonte for the realisation of the centre interporto. After eight years, on the 17th October 1995 at 5 am the first train from the intermodal of Rotterdam was taken over at the terminal of CIM Novara. From there the holding Spa real estate of Novara founded his company Handling services, Eurogateway, on which is built the logistics Intermodal, today is a point of reference of shunting trains.
Eurogateway through the years, thanks to the vision of President Alvaro Spizzica (who remained in office until 2014, the year of his sudden death) and administrator Sergio Bisagni until 2013, have seen an exponential growth in terms of the handling of that structure and technology.
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